Compaq Deskpro SB 6400 Intel PRO/­100+ NIC pilote télécharger gratuitement (ver. 3.­14 D)

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Intel PRO/­100+ NIC (ver. 3.­14 D) ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING libéré 2000.09.29.

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Marque Compaq
Deskpro SB 6400
Exploitation Systèmes DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.x
Version 3.­14 D
Fichier taille 4.23 Mb
Libéré 2000.09.29
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Intel PRO/­100+ NIC Drivers for Compaq Deskpro SB 6400 Type: Driver - Network The Intel PRO/­100+ NIC Drivers support the Intel PRO/­100+ Management Adapter as well as the Compaq legacy NICs such as NC3121 and Compaq 10/­100 for the Deskpro,­ Workstation and iPAQ models.­ This version of software has support for the following Secondary Operating Systems: Windows for Workgroups 3.­11,­ Windows 3.­1,­ SCO UNIX,­ Netware 3.­x and later,­ DOS,­ OS/­2,­ LANMAN and Windows 95 Pre-OSR2.­ This driver is no different from the driver in Softpaq Sp12778.­ It has just been tested for support of more Deskpro and Workstation models.­

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