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Desktop Fix (ver. 1.­00 A) ZIP libéré 2000.10.27.

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Marque Compaq
Deskpro EX P1.20GHz
Exploitation Systèmes Windows 98
Version 1.­00 A
Fichier taille 14.42 Mb
Fichier type ZIP
Libéré 2000.10.27
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Desktop Fix for Compaq Deskpro EX P1.­20GHz Type: Software - System Management This fix addressed three issues on some of the desktop models listed below in Windows 98 SE.­ 1) When you click "Shut down" and then click OK in the Shut Down Windows dialog box,­ your computer may stop responding (hang) while the "Windows is shutting down" message is displayed.­ 2) When shutting down Windows with mapped network drives,­ the computer may stop responding (hang).­ 3) The computer may go into Standby mode after a random amount of time even though the standby time may have been set to "never" in the Control Panel Power Management tool.­ The system files USER.­EXE and USER32.­DLL are updated with new versions to correct these issues.­

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